Our Expert Teens are Really Experts!

Our Teenangels have held their own conferences and spoken at major conferences, including the UN Cyberhate Conference in NY. They conduct and deliver their own research and public service campaigns and teach their peers.

We Empower Kids to Be Part of the Solution, Instead of Part of the Problem

And we start young. Some of our best ideas come from 7-9 year olds. We are arriving in Ireland early to identify Irish student leaders and innovators. We want to add them to our global task force of young people intent on making a difference.
Two talented preteens from Canada will be sharing their programs in Ireland. Young teens from the NY metropolitan area will help other teens develop their ideas. A few of our extra talents Teenangels will be flying in to help run a session, teaching their peers and adults what they have learned through their research and presentations.
North American aboriginal youth representatives will share their stop cyberbullying work in the First Nation communities, and their First Nation Chief will open the ceremonies. 


Carol Todd, Amanda Todd's Mom
will be Joining Us to Share Her Perspective

WiredSafety and its Executive Director, cyberlawyer Parry Aftab, appear more often in the media and as news resources than all other cybersafety groups combined.


Why? Because we know what we are talking about, work closely with real people (from victims to inspiring youth to industry experts to harassers). We can help you produce a compelling news or media story, be your trustworthy expert on the law and what really goes on, to helping you separate the fake from fiction. We have been doing this for twenty years, and have learned much along the way. MTV and Facebook named us to their advisory boards. We have designed cybersafety programs for Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Teen Vogue, the Girl Scouts of the USA, Seventeen Magazine and others.

'Wherever we go in the world, young people tell us that Amanda Todd's death after being sextorted, cyberbullied, humilated and bullied offline, inspires them the most. Millions of people have watched her video, and her attempt to explain her decision to take her life. And millions wish they could have told her that she mattered, was loved and wasn't alone.