The Real Story Behind Our Irish Events

Why Ireland? WiredSafety hosts youth summits globally, but our trip to Ireland has been long-coming. While everyone loves Ireland, the Irish people and their caring souls, the explosion of tech innovation and digital leadership makes it a natural business and technology event location. But, that is not why we chose Ireland.


Four years ago, we met then County Clare Mayor, Tony Mulcahy, when the Ambassador to Ireland from Canada introduced us online. County Clare was struggling with bullying and cyberbullying. This event would never have been possible without the dogged support of Tony Mulcahy. Parry and her husband, Allan McCullough, promised Tony that they would bring a global event to his county. Althought the actual events will be hosted in Limerick and in Dublin, due to logistical reasons, Parry will personally create StopCyberbullying programs for students in Shannon and County Clare. Too many events are held in Dublin, ignoring the creativity and blinding beauty of the mid-west and western Irish communities. So, our opening event is being hosted where so many real Irish live - west of Dublin.


Thank you, Tony. We look forward to actually meeting you in person. Your constituents are lucky indeed. We and so many others are here to fight against hurt, cruelty and cyberbullying. Amanda Todd's mother, Carol Todd, will be joining us to discuss how cyberbullying can lead to self-harm if not addressed. As you know, Amanda's loss touched the heart of everyone worldwide. As a courtesy to the families in Ireland who have lost children to bullying and cyberbullying, we will focus on bullycides outside of Ireland and not reference those within Ireland.


We remember each and every child whose lives were lost to hatred. Each and every child globally who felt that there was no hope, and every child who pledges to stand up and not stand by when they see hate and hopelessness.